Today is Tuesday, June 26th, 2012; Karen's Korner #2347

There is a group of us girls who celebrate one another's birthday, usually with a birthday breakfast. We were buying one another gifts. But a couple of birthdays ago, we decided all of us had enough 'stuff' and we could do something to benefit others.
Today is one of those days as we celebrate Judy's birthday!
When mine came by in May, I chose among other things to purchase some plants for long, skinny concrete planter on Clarion's Main Street. The plants were planted. Then friend Mary said that plants would hold water better if we mulched the small garden. She had a bag of mulch.
As Mary, her granddaughter and I were scattering the mulch, Mary told her fourth grade granddaughter, "Start 'dead heading' the petunias, Nicole," she said. "All the plants' energy goes toward trying to preserve those flowers if we don't. That energy needs to go to new flowers coming on."
She might have been teaching Nicole but I had never heard that before either.
Makes me think about our own lives, what is 'sapping' our energy so that we can be 'more alive'. Is it worry? Fear? Health concerns? Money problems? Our own problems or those some place else in the world?
God tells us repeatedly in His Word to "fear not"; "don't be afraid"; or "trust me".
We have a choice:  focus on our problems, those which are really or those which are anticipated; OR we can focus on Him, how He has helped us in the past and how He promises to be there for us in the future.
"Don't worry about anything,
instead pray about everything
tell God your needs
and don't foregut to thank Him for His answers.
If you do this,
you will experience God's peace
which is far greater
than the human mind can understand."
~ Philippians 4:6,7 LB
Dear Father in Heaven, thank You that You have agreed to 'dead head' our problems and fears. You know us better than we know ourselves. We want to peel back our fears and concerns by giving them to You, so that we have more energy to 'bloom where we are planted' just for today. In Jesus Name. Amen.