Today is Monday, August 13th, 2012; Karen's Korner #2381

Drought is a word which U.S. citizens have been hearing a lot about for the past few months. Few midwest states have escaped it.
Where we live here in north central Iowa is no exception. Some people have been able to snag a few more showers than others; some places have better soil types than others.
In five plus weeks, we had at best two showers which couldn't register in a rain gauge. More days than normal over 100 degrees. How could our field corn and soybeans possibly survive?
But survive they did!
Are we looking at a bumper crop? I don't think anyone is facing that possibility.
A week ago Sunday was the first time my husband walked a few rows into the field to pull off a 'better than average' ear of corn. What would it look like when the husks were peeled back?
We found a perfectly-shaped ear which was a little shorter than normal and a little smaller around. But row after row of filled-in kernels of the maturing yellow stuff.
I couldn't believe my eyes. I showed it to our extension crop specialist who did a calculation using that one sample (if that would be any indication to what else is in the field, which it probably isn't), could yield as high as 140 bushels per acre.
I call it a miracle from all it has been through! This is a crop which has probably been prayed for more than most years!
Could this analogy apply to our lives? Are we sometimes planted where we don't want to be? Are the sun and heat beating down on us? Do we think we are going to die? Unsure what our lives can produce, if anything?? But when we give ourselves to be cared for by Our Creator does He do a miracle in them? When the husks are stripped back has He produced a harvest in our lives, which even we can't believe??
To you today:  You are a miracle! Because you are firmly planted in His good soil, being watered by His love and cultivated by His care.
"But we delight in doing
everything God wants us to,
and day and night we are always
meditating on His laws
and are thinking about ways to follow Him more closely.
We are like trees along a river bank
bearing luscious fruit each season without fail.
Our leaves shall never wither,
and all we do shall prosper.
~ Psalm 1:2 -3 (My translation)
Father God, we are so blessed beyond our ability to see, feel or believe. Thank You for taking such good care of us, every day and every way! Thank You for the plans you have for us today and every day. Amen.