Today is Wednesday, August 15th, 2012; Karen's Korner #2383

In the last few days, Billy Graham has again been in the news with his recent hospitalization. Are there any nearly 94-year-olds who would garner such attention?
Again a few quotes from "Billy Graham in Quotes" under the umbrella of 'America':
"Come here and listen, O nations of the earth.
Let the world and everything in it hear My words."
~ Isaiah 34:1
"America has probably been the most successful experiment in history.
The American Dream was a glorious attempt.
It was built on a religious foundation.
Its earliest concepts came from Holy Scripture."
"We have so many battles going on in America today
that we should be a people of prayer.
Our government needs prayer.
Our leaders need prayer.
Our schools need prayer.
Our youth need our prayers.
Our families need our prayers.
"God honored and blessed America
as few nations in history.
However, in recent years
the nation has been moving away from its religious heritage."
"Our nation grew strong in an era when moral standards
were emphasized, and it will grow weak when we
condone that which we once condemned."
"America is said to have the highest per capita
boredom of any spot on earth!
We know that because we have the greatest variety and greatest
artificial amusements of any country.
People have become so empty that they
can't even entertain themselves!"
"The great flaw in the American economic
system has finally been revealed:
an unrealistic faith in the power of prosperity
rather than in the ultimate power
and benevolence of God."