Today is Thursday, August 30th, 2012; Karen's Korner #2394

A quick follow-up note to yesterday's Karen's Korner featuring ISU freshman Knuton Severson. Beth, Knuton's mom, emailed me her gratitude on such nice words about their son. She told about Knuton talking at length over the last couple of years about his interest in getting a tattoo. Parents and grandparents aren't as interested in the body decor, as are the younger members of our society. Beth and her husband, Troy, have held Knuton's decision at arm's length.
But now as a young adult and much more on-his-own, Knuton has confided of his plans:  a tattoo on his rib cage featuring a Bible and cross with this Bible reference:  Philippians 4:13 ("I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.")
Same verse to which I referred in yesterday's Karen's Korner!
Who knew?
God knew and knows! It's a God-thing!!
Now for today's Karen's Korner:
"Don't act like the people who make horoscopes
and try to read their fate and future in the stars!
Don't be frightened by predictions such as theirs,
for it is all a pack of lies!
Their ways are futile and foolish.
They cut down a tree and carve an idol,
and decorate it with gold and silver and fasten it securely in place with hammer and nails,
so that it won't fall over,
and there stands their god-like a helpless scarecrow in a garden!
It cannot speak, and it must be carried,
for it cannot walk.
Don't be afraid of such a god for it can neither harm not help,
nor do you any good."
~ Jeremiah 10:2 - 5 LB
Bible Commentary:
"Everyone would like to know the future.
Decisions would be easier,
failures avoided,
and success assured.
The people of Judah wanted to know the future too,
and they tried to discern it in horoscopes.
Jeremiah's response applies today.
God made the stars that people consult.
No one will discover the future in made-up charts of God's stars.
But God, who promises to guide you,
knows your future and will be with you all the way.
He may not reveal your future to you,
but he will walk with you as the future unfolds.
Don't trust the stars:
trust the One who made the stars.