Today is Tuesday, September 4th, 2012; Karen's Korner #2397

Something written by John Meyer, 1989 Clarion-Goldfield graduate in the same class with our daughter Jamie and emailed to us by him several days ago with some other information:
"I wrote this in 2007 while we were in Kosovo. At the time, I was thinking of the people in the mountains that our squad visited and helped. The people in Kosovo didn’t have life nearly as good as we do and they faced a lot of challenges. But I especially remember those people out in the mountains by themselves and how little they had. At times in Kosovo, I really questioned our purpose and what good we were doing. But when we took that family in the mountains the food, blankets, clothes, basic supplies, and could feel the difference we made to them. You could see the joy and thanks in their eyes. I am proud to say I was part of our squad and that we got to do that for those people."




Can you see the pain in my eyes?

Can you see why I cry?

Poverty, distress, disease

bring me down upon my knees.

Why all this pain?

It comes crashing down like an endless rain.

I have no future, no job, no joy.

Worst of all nothing to promise my little girl or boy.

Can you feel the pain in my eyes?

Can you feel why I cry?

Will your concern for me even last a breath?

Or will it be gone; forgotten, like a stray dog’s death.