Today is Friday, April 5th, 2013; Karen's Korner #2540

Last night well-known pastor, author, Christian radio and television personality Dr. David Jeremiah and his ministry hosted a free event in Minneapolis. A couple of friends had tickets to go. Did they have room for me to ride with and extra tickets? They did; four us went.
The message Dr. Jeremiah gave to the nearly-filled auditorium was "GOD LOVES YOU; always has------always will!" That was the whole emphasis of the entire evening - printed materials which we were all given; his latest book title, CDs; DVDs; yard signs; wrist bracelets; and t-shirts which were on sale. The enormous letters on the three big screens at the front of their stage:  "GOD LOVES YOU!"
I took some notes on what he had to tell us, but I am only sharing a portion of what he had to say:
Dr. Jeremiah said the Bible is just filled with His love for all of us and He 'loves telling us'. If that is true, why are we collectively and individually as a society in the mess that we are in? Satan loves to manipulate God's message and make us believe that message isn't true!
Sometimes things happen in our lives and we question:  "Why did this evil thing come into my/our lives?" or we say to ourselves, "If you really loved God, you would never have done.......!" God never promised us that all evil things would be kept away from us. Nor did He promise that we would 'do' everything right.
But we can count on the fact that God is always the same; God's love for people continues------after we make mistakes-----some of them horrible. Then he started his list of some of the well-known 'mistake-makers':  Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Jonah, Peter, Paul. God loves us not because of who we are or what we do, but who he is:  A Loving Heavenly Father.
He said earthly fathers sometimes give up their children when they go astray; but God never will. God, however, is not a permissive 'Father' either; look back at the list from the Bible. God disciplined them, on their way to improved behavior. Correction was necessary. Adam and Eve were moved out of the Garden of Eden, but God's love and care for them continued. Moses wasn't allowed into the promised land because he didn't do what God had told him. But God never failed to love and care for him.
The message continued but it was filled with Biblical examples of the 'big heart' of God and just how much He loves us.
Not new news, but because of human natures and our 'mixed up and confused world', sometimes we forget. And need to be reminded..often!