Today is Friday, April 19th, 2013; Karen's Korner #2550

One day last week I included four things the Bible says on same-sex relationships plus comments on the published Bible comments on the same verses. The topic is in the news more and more. People have definite opinions 'for' and 'against'.
I decided before I emailed it that I would include whatever responses to that Karen's Korner, in an upcoming one. I was surprised I didn't receive more comments than I did. Included below are first names only, as I have not asked for, nor received approval from, anyone to forward their comments. (One comment I didn't use a first name as it is unique enough readers may figure out who wrote the response).
Karen's Korners are sent to more than 600 computers daily, so just because you might recognize a first name, it doesn't mean it is from someone who lives in our immediate area.
In the order which I received them:
From Mona:  "Thank you for sharing Biblical passages on this subject."
From Angie:  "Please remove me from your Karen's Korner listing."
From Connie:  "Thanks for sending this information. I read through all the passages and am delighted to know where to go regarding homosexuality. This seems to be such a problem in our society today. Makes me sad." (Connie mentioned that the Timothy portion should have said, 'written to Timothy by Paul'. I had added that note in parenthesis for the ease of reading by our Sunday School class and it was wrong.)
From Peggy:  ""In a permissive society, it is easy for Christians to ...accept...because it is so widespread. Last night on "Bill O'Reilly." one commentator stated that he is tired of all the gay news these days. We are besieged with a one-sided message. You have given us documentation from the Word of God."
From Chris:  "Thanks for this."
From Judy:  "I praise God and ask him to bless your column and for your having the strength to print this one. Bless you."
From Sharon:  "I am so glad to see this quoting from the Bible."
From Karen:  "I knew there were some things in the Bible about homosexual relationships. But I would never have known where to find them."
From a farming neighbor friend:  "This was an exceptionally good 'Karens Korner' and I wanted you to know I printed a paper copy to keep in my Bible. I also liked at the end,  that we continue to extend the Saving Grace of Jesus to all sinners no matter what the sin. I am like the Apostle Paul 'Chief of Sinners' and I know how Jesus changed my life and how far He has brought me!"