Today is Monday, April 22nd, 2013; Karen's Korner #2551

Maybe it's the age; maybe it's being a female. It isn't uncommon for me and some friends with whom I chat........we can't sleep through the night. Seems we still get enough sleep; just not hours in a row!
Here is a Bible verse and commentary which mentions that:
"I lie awake at night thinking of you--
of how you have helped me--
and how I rejoice through the night
beneath the protecting shadow
of your wings."
~ Psalm 63:6 LB
Bible Commentary:
"A cure for sleepless nights is to turn our thoughts to God.
There are many reasons we can't sleep--
illness, stress, worry--
but sleepless nights can be turned into quiet times
of reflection and worship.
Use them to review how God has guided
and helped you."