Today is Monday, June 10th, 2013; Karen's Korner #2586

Recently I purchased a package of a dozen "Sproutables", promoted as 'frameable, mailable, giftable art cards.. While they are sent as post cards, they need first-class due to the size and shape.
Today I am emailing six of the sayings, with the other six saved up for another 'korner' another day:
"Keep a dream in your pocket
and faith in your heart.
Anything is possible!"
"You are an original one-of-a-kind
That makes you priceless."
"I will remember
life is a journey,
not a destination."
"Begin each day with thought that bring out the best in you.
Today I will......
Yes, I can......
I am grateful for......"
"I count you among
my blessings every day."
"When all else fails,