Today is Wednesday, June 19th, 2013; Karen's Korner #2593

Round two of the dozen "Sproutables", promoted as 'frameable, mailable, giftable art cards.. While they are sent as post cards, they need first-class due to the size and shape. I sent the first six sayings a few days back; here is the second six. Enjoy!
"Everyday celebrate yourself for who you are.
A kind, wonderful and cherished individual."
"Why wait?
Sing more.
Dance more.
Play more.
Laugh more.
Dream more.
Learn more.
Love more.
Imagine more!"
"My wish for you:
something treasured,
something new,
sweet surprises;
cherished friends,
peace when the sun goes down."
"Whenever you come to mind
I see a remarkable,
and wonderful you!"
""I believe in you."
"Dance wherever you can.
Sing boldly.
Embrace your spirit.
Be your authentic self.
Listen. Forgive. Laugh a lot.
Cultivate lasing friendships.
Live compassionately.
An by all means...have fun!"