Today is Friday, June 21st, 2013; Karen's Korner #2595

Happy first day of summer!
This is something written by a friend of Jim's cousin Rosemary. I don't know Jane but I always enjoy it when someone sends me things they/others have written themselves. Enjoy the writing and the day!

The gift of faith is better by far;

Than silver or gold or being a star.

The Lord does provide in meaningful ways;

To serve and to follow all of our days.

Each challenge comes near to test and to try;

Will my faith hold or is it a lie?

The Lord in His mercy gives strength for the task;

For faith is a gift, now what will I ask?

Lord, try me and test me; make my faith strong;

To follow Your leading forsaking all wrong.

So thankful am I Your promise is sure;

For faith is a gift that will always endure!

~ Jane Wallestad