Today is Tuesday, June 25th, 2013; Karen's Korner #2597

This is a response to yesterday's Karen's Korner. I always like it when other readers 'write' Karen's Korners.
As you recall, yesterday's was about our local M & Ms having a challenge to 'bless' some unknown person with a $5 gift.
Here is a response from Patti:
"After reading how folks from Iowa have touched lives all over the country, I felt lead to tell you my story. I escorted a bank tour to Alaska in May/June. The last week of the tour we were on a cruise ship that employs men and women from 3rd world countries to wait on the passengers. These folks work long hours, on their feet all day, on the other side of the world from their homes for nine months at a time.  One young man, Robert, caught my eye from Croatia. He seemed down when I first spoke to him. As we visited, I found out that he was working to help support his mother back home. His father had abandoned them when he was a youngster. He asked me if I made wishes, and I shared that I didn’t, but I prayed. 

"I had $20 left at the end of the tour. On the morning we were leaving the ship I placed the $20 in a Daily Bread devotional booklet and went to look for Robert. We spoke our goodbyes and I gave him the booklet.   pray that the Holy Spirit will work in Robert’s life to give him God’s peace and  joy."

I asked Patti for permission to share what she had typed. She approved with the admonition that we pray for Robert and his country:

Dear Father in Heaven, we praise You for the way that you work in our lives and the lives of people with whom we come in contact. Thank You for Robert, his family, and for Croatia. Lighten his life and his load. Work in his life to touch it with Your Holy Spirit. Bring Light into the dark places of his life and that of his country. You are the Great I AM and we worship You. In Jesus' Name. Amen.