Today is Thursday, August 8th, 2013; Karen's Korner #2629

A couple of quotes from Mother Teresa, who continues to give us messages of strength and courage, in spite of the fact she died several years ago.
But first our 'weekly' Bible trivia questions. The handful of people who respond to me with their success in answering questions, generally tell me they get two correct. Good luck:
1) Who was the very first disciple who Jesus called?
2) Which apostle was a doctor?
3) What did Jacob give to his son, Joseph, to show he was his favorite?
"This is the only condition that Christ really places on us:
'Love one another as I have loved you.'
And we know how very well how much he has loved us!
He died for us!
"Everywhere there exists loneliness,
the same deep need to be loved and cared for.
Right in your midst there are those who
suffer because they do not feel wanted or loved.
They experience the anguish of having no
one to call their own. This is real poverty
without a doubt. We need to want
to be someone for those who need us.
"All the gifts of nature and of grace
which you have, you have them from God.
Jesus is the Light
Jesus is the Truth
Jesus is the Life
We too must be:
the Light of Charity
the Truth of Humility
the Life of Sanctity.
Answers:  1) Andrew; 2) Luke; 3) A colorful coat.