Today is Friday, August 16th, 2013; Karen's Korner #2635

(No Karen's Korners next week as the Welds plan to be gone; resume on Monday, August 26!)
A Bible quiz to start the day; good luck:
1) How many disciples did Jesus have?
2) Where were Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego when an angel visited them?
3) How much were Joseph's brothers paid when they sold him?
"What fools the nations are to rage against the Lord!
How strange that men should try to plot against God!
For a summit conference of the nations has been called to
plot against the Lord and his Messiah, Christ the King.
'Come, let us break his chains,' they say,
'and free ourselves from all this slavery to God.'
But God in heaven merely laughs!
He is amused by all their puny plans.
And then in fierce fury
he rebukes them
and fills them with fear."
~ Psalm 2:1 - 5 LB 
Answers: 1) twelve; 2) In a fiery furnace; 3) Twenty shekels