Today is Wednesday, August 28th, 2013; Karen's Korner #2638

Comments and questions we sometimes say or hear:  " A loving God would never allow people to perish!"
Or "We are not to judge....." That comment may be true, but we may be asked to tell others that 'God does....'.
All of us know that the story of creation begins on page one, chapter one of the Bible in Genesis.
Now we are up to Chapter 6, a few pages into the Bible; already mankind has made poor choices. Leading into the chapter, my Bible says, "Earth was no longer the perfect paradise that God had intended. It is frightening to see how quickly all of humanity forgot about God. Incredibly, in all the world only one man and his family still worshipped God. That man was Noah."
"God said, 'I will blot out from the face of the earth all mankind that I created. Yes, and the animals too, and reptiles and the birds. For I am sorry I made them." But Noah was a pleasure to the Lord......
"....Noah always conducted his affairs according to God's will........Meanwhile, the crime rate was rising rapidly across the earth, and as seen by God, the world was rotten to the core........He told Noah, 'I have decided to destroy all mankind; for the earth is filled with crime because of man'...."
Then he told Noah to build the boat to save his family and the animals. (verses 7 - 15).
Bible Commentary on a portion of those verses:  "Noah got right to work when God told him to build the ark. The other people must have been warned about the coming disaster, but apparently did not expect it to happen. Today things haven't changed much. Each day thousands of people are warned of God's inevitable judgment, yet most of them don't really believe it will happen. Don't expect people to welcome or accept your message of God's coming judgment on sin. Those who don't believe in God will deny his judgment and try to get you to deny Him as well. But remember God's promise to Noah to keep him safe. This can inspire you to trust God for deliverance in the judgment that is sure to come."