Today is Wednesday, February 26th, 2014; Karen's Korner #2763

A couple of random thoughts for the day:
* While we were in Florida for a few days, we took a couple of toll roads. As one gal took our money, she didn't say, "Thank You." Instead she said, "Have a blessed day!"
    I sort of liked that!
* Our church collectively supports a boy from Haiti through World Vision. Sedras will celebrate his birthday on Sunday; he will be 15. I needed to call the international office yesterday. Among other things, I learned that for children to be accepted into the outreach program, they must be attending school and complete their education. World Vision works with them until the young student is 18 - 21 years old, depending on their level of completion.
    The World Vision representative with whom I talked said, "Not only do World Vision 'adoptees' want to help children around the world, we believe that education is the best way for that young person to ultimately help themselves."
* Yesterday I had the opportunity to chat for a few minutes with an elderly couple from our community. She said, "Tomorrow is our anniversary!"
    "Really!" I said. "What anniversary are you celebrating?"
    *Sixteen years and seven months," she replied.
    Both he and she had long-time marriages before their spouses passed away.
    Her husband said, "We were both so old when we got married. We thought if we had even 4 or 5 good years of marriage, we would be fortunate, so we decided to celebrate our anniversary every month, not every year."
    Here they are moving swiftly through their 80s with just the nickel-dime health issues of aging. They still have a couple of weekly opportunities for outreach through their local church!
* If you are married, look at your calendar. You might have another handful of opportunities to 'celebrate your anniversary' each year!
* And don't forget to have 'a blessed day!'