Today is Tuesday, November 4th, 2014; Karen's Korner #2937

Today is Election Day in the United States of America; do your part and VOTE!

"Some nations boast of armies and weaponry,

but our boast is in the Lord our God.

Those nations will collapse and perish;

we will arise to stand firm and sure!"

~ Psalm 20:7,8 LAB


Over more than 200 years of our nation's history, we have been asked to fight and defend our way of life more than one time. We have built up munitions, sent people to fight, and we have won many decisive victories. Was it due only to advance preparations? Or was is due also, in part, to our allegiance to a Higher Power? The Lord who is our God?

We will continue to be a strong nation, only as long as we are governed by Godly people; as long as we are Godly people who will follow our Godly elected officials.

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,

whose people he has chosen as his own."

~ Psalm 33:12 LAB