Today is Friday, November 14th, 2014; Karen's Korner #2945

Today is Friday, November 14; Monday is November 17 and would have been Jim's 75th birthday. Jamie is coming up to Clarion and we have plans to celebrate his birthday about six different ways! I'll tell you how in Monday's edition........

Here's a 'Jim':

Not only was he diagnosed with coronary artery disease forty years ago - October 1974. He said he started having a back ache beginning when he was sixteen.......and he was never without that pain!

How often did he mention about his hurt? I maybe heard him say something, in all those years, maybe two dozen times; it was probably even less to his friends. Amazing!

Did I ask him how he was feeling? Rarely; he didn't want to mention it, nor be asked.

He'd say, "If I complained, by now I wouldn't have any friends!"

In the last few years, he said maybe ten times, "I just don't feel good. I hate to complain."

I'd tell him, "You aren't complaining. You are just giving a report."

Lots of things like these 'Jim's' made him easy to love and easy to live with!

"May my spoken words and unspoken thoughts,

be pleasing even to you,

O Lord my Rock and my Redeemer."

~ Psalm 19:4 LB