Today is Friday, January 30th, 2015; Karen's Korner #2995

As most Karen's Korner readers know, I consider myself a 'Bible reader', not a 'Bible scholar'. I am getting ready to read the book of first Kings; the first half of the book tells a lot about Solomon. The introduction explains the 'megathemes' of the writing:

"Solomon's wisdom, power, and achievements brought honor to the Israelite nation and to God. All the kings of Israel and Judah were told to obey God and to govern according to his laws. But their tendency to abandon God's Word and to worship other gods led them to change the religion and government to meet their personal desires. This neglect of God's Law led them to their downfall."


Included in the explanation is the importance:

"WIsdom, power, and achievement do not ultimately come from any human source; they are from God. No matter what we lead or govern, we can't do well when we ignore God's guidelines. Whether or not we are leaders, effectiveness depends upon listening and obeying God's Word."


The Bible has stood the test of time. Our job is to believe it and follow it. If we do not, it contributes to our individual and collective downfall.