Today is Thursday, January 7th, 2016; Karen's Korner #3218

This is something written by Corrie ten Boom, referring to mentally handicapped people. Ever noticed how sometimes they appear happier and less harried than us 'normal' people. They are a blessing to have in our lives.

Speak Simply, Be Simple

"Whenever you come in contact with mentally handicapped people, please tell them that God loves them. They can often enjoy God's love better than people who have problems because of intellectual doubt.

"Has not God made the wisdom of this world to look foolish? For it was after the world in its wisdom had failed to know God, that He is His Wisdom chose to save all who would believe by the 'simplemindness' of the Gospel message."

~ I Corinthians 1:20-21 Phillips


"Lord, give us the courage to speak the truth simply, so all can understand. Some will ridicule our lack of sophisticated thinking, so we will need your courage to remain simple. But we know that your 'foolishness' is wiser than the wisdom of men."