Today is Saturday, January 9th, 2016; Karen's Korner #3220

One written and sent on Saturday, as I began writing Karen's Korners on Tuesday this week, after being gone for several days.

So this one is just for fun!

At the beginning of 2015, I decided to keep track of things "I had never done before", as I continue on my aging path of 'growing older'. Is there anything that I haven't done before?

Yes! My list includes more than 50 items!! Some of them, I decided to do. Others just happened and I recorded it. Some were simple. Others took a bit of time to 'complete'.

I'll give you a quick look at several:

* My first one was in January when I attended a funeral of two people. A friend with health issues and in his early 70s passed away and his 'more-than-100-year-old mom' died a handful of hours later;

* I'd never ridden a Segway, so my sister and I rented two for an hour while in Florida in February.

* I hadn't attended a state team dual wrestling tournament. I did with friends, and our school won the championship!

* While our daughter and granddaughter were traveling through Nebraska during spring break, I ate a runza burger at one of its franchises. I'd never heard of them before; you either? It's a beef and cabbage sandwich. Just okay!

* Never walked in Rowan's St. Patrick's Day parade. Small town of under 200, parade of a couple dozen entries and several blocks long.

* Since I am still learning to live alone, there are some tasks which are mine now, which Jim had always done. I had never rewound the string in our weed whacker. I made the decision to have our house re-shingled; never one that large $$. Together Jim and I had made lots larger $$ choices, but I hadn't done it alone.

* Jamie, her family, and I traveled to South Dakota in early June and among other things, walked up on to Crazy Horse's arm.

* I watched the alpaca show at our country fair. It was a new show a couple of year's ago, but I had never attended!

* I kayaked with our grandson Luke at Gray's Lake; he'd done it several times. Not me!

* Because I am getting older, I have a couple of health 'firsts' - never had had my eyes dilated (no, I don't know why!); had some teeth gums stuff done hadn't before, and just before I left for California, I had a kidney stone! (Like I said, "I don't always choose them all!")

* I had never decorated a float for the Rose Bowl parade. And since University of Iowa was playing at the Rose Bowl game, I purchased a Iowa Rose Bowl long-sleeved t-shirt. Never owned any Iowa Hawkeyes (or for that matter ISU clothing) before!

And this year, since I am turning seventy in May, I am starting my list over. The first on my list was watching the Rose Bowl parade on January 1 (my only entry for 2016!).

But here are some on my plans:

* I am going to drive a tractor in one our local parades this summer.

* Since I am turning 70, I am not planning a birthday party. I think, instead I am going to have a 'bunch' of them.

* I am going to drive around our area and pick asparagus. Herb, my 96 year old friend, showed me where about sixteen spots are and I wrote the directions down. In the spring, I'll try to 'hunt' for asparagus on my own!

* I have never done any Black Friday shopping the morning after Thanksgiving; watched a roller derby match; made cheesecake, nor ridden a mule.

And the list continues.

God willing, I have things to do, places to go, and people to see!

How about you? What's on your list for 2016??