Today is Monday, January 25th, 2016; Karen's Korner #3231

An entry from Sarah Young's "Jesus Calling:  Enjoying Peace in His Presence"; its a 365 flip calendar as if Jesus is talking directly to its readers. Every day is good; this one was yesterday's:

"MY PEACE is the treasure of treasures, the pearl of great price. It is an exquisitely costly gift, both for the Giver and the receiver. I purchased this Peace for you with My blood. You received this gift by trusting Me in the midst of life's storms. If you have the world's peace---everything going your way---you don't seek My unfathomable Peace. Thank Me when things do not go your way, because spiritual blessings come wrapped in trials. Adverse circumstances are normal in a fallen world. Expect them each day. Rejoice in the face of hardship, for I have overcome the world."

~ Words taken from Matthew 13:16; James 1:2; John 16:33