Today is Thursday, June 29th, 2017; Karen's Korner #3589

This Proverb talks about 'unjust tyrants' but it also talks about us as leaders and followers. I had marked in the margin of my Bible - "Saddem Hussein - in 2004":

"The unjust tyrant will reap disaster and his reign of terror shall end."

~ Proverbs 22:8 LAB


Bible Commentary:  "Sometimes God intervenes and destroys tyrants. More often, He uses other rulers to overthrow them or their own oppressed people to rebel against them. This proverb is a message of hope to people who must live and work under unjust authoritarian leaders. It is also a warning to those who enjoy ruling with an iron hand. If you are in a position of authority at church, work, or home, remember what happens to tyrants. Leadership through kindness is more effective and longer lasting than leadership by force."