Today is Thursday, January 23rd, 2020; Karen's Korner #4139

"Later, in one of His talks,
Jesus said to the people,
'I am the Light of the world.
So if you follow me,
you won't be stumbling through the darkness,
for living light will flood you path.'"

~ John 8:12 LAB

Bible Commentary:  "Why is eternal life in Christ a light to all mankind? Because death brings eternal darkness and only Christ's eternal life planted in us will keep us alive in His new Kingdom for eternity. Christ is eternally alive because He Is God.

"What does it mean to follow Christ? As a soldier follows his captain, so we should follow Christ as our commander. As a slave follows his master, so we should follow Christ as our Lord. As we follow the advice of a trusted counselor, so we should follow Jesus commands to us in the Bible. As we follow the laws of a nation, so we follow Christ's laws because we are citizens of heaven."