Today is Tuesday, January 4th, 2005; Karen's Korner #452

Roger Hitchcock was the guest emcee last week on the Rush Limbaugh radio show. He read a letter he had received from a radio listener.
It was from a father who has a son serving in the military in Iraq. The son had written home with an incident there. I can't repeat it word-for-word, but this is what the son shared:
Some of the soldiers in his son's unit had requested for people back home to send them small toys, so that they had items to give the Iraqi children with whom they came in contact. The son told they liked little items that could fit into their pockets, so that when the opportunity presented itself to give away the trinkets, they had them close at hand. And the children loved the gift items and the Americans.
One day their military unit was on a convoy into Fallujah once again, when the line of equipment came to a halt and the radio messages were flying up and down the line up of vehicles. A small Iraqi girl was sitting in the middle of the road and the first vehicle didn't know what to do. She wouldn't move. Orders came down, "Go around her."
So one by one, the large military equipment made a jog in the road to go around the young girl. The son writing the letter said as his vehicle came passed the girl, he saw her clutching a teddy bear that he and his friends had given to her a few convoys earlier.
"Stop," this soldier said. And he got out of the vehicle and went up to her. Since they didn't speak the same language, the gestures began. This son learned by her pointing, there was land mine planted in the road next to her. She was sitting in the road to protect the American soldiers who had given her the stuffed animal and who had been so nice to her, her family, and her friends! She was protecting they had been protecting her!
I couldn't help but think of what Jesus tells us "to do unto others". We never know what or when they might "do unto us" back!