Today is Thursday, January 6th, 2005; Karen's Korner #454

I heard a speaker on Christian radio last week ask his listening audience these "opposites" questions. What would have your answers been?
The opposite of hot?
The opposite of rich?
Did you say POOR?
The opposite of happy?
The opposite of good?
The opposite of God?
Did you say SATAN? or DEVIL?
The speaker said if that was your reply, you just elevated the devil to a higher level than he is due. The opposite of Satan would be the angel Gabriel or Michael. The devil is simply a fallen angel; not a god.
Nothing is opposite of God, the speaker said.
Remember that the next time you think the devil, bad, or negative thoughts seem to be over powering your life or your thinking. God is bigger, stronger, more complete than the enemy of your life and thoughts.
Don't give the devil more power than he deserves!