Today is Saturday, October 9th, 2021; Karen's Korner #4545

"I was glad for the suggestion
of going to Jerusalem,
to the Temple of the Lord."

~ Psalm 122:1 LAB

Sorry for no Karen's Korner yesterday; I was away from my computer.

This Bible verse talks about 'going to the Temple' and worshipping together. We have lots of ways and opportunities to worship together, especially after COVID. In person at church, over the internet, you tube, facebook, television. 

Tomorrow is the day. Let's JUST DO IT!

Bible Commentary:  "Going to God's house can be a chore or a delight. For the psalmist, it was a delight. As a pilgrim to one of these great religious feasts, he was excited to worship with God's people in God's house. We may find worship a chore if we have sin in our lives or if our love for God has cooled. But if we are close to God and enjoy his presence, we will hunger to worship and praise him. Our attitude toward God will determine our view of worship."