Today is Tuesday, November 16th, 2021; Karen's Korner #4572

When baby kittens are born with their eyes shut, they stay put in the 'nest' of their birth.

As they grow and their eyes are opened, sometimes they begin to wander and explore.

Have you ever witnessed a mother cat? Carrying a baby back 'home'? She grabs them by the back of the neck and drags them back where she wants them.

As an observer, it could appear that she is trying to kill them. No, she is just loving them. Caring for them. And giving the, the  'best' for their fragile new lives.

I wonder if it sometimes like us (or maybe me!). We tend to wander off in the wrong directions. Maybe even in danger. God 'nabs' us in the back of the neck and carries us back to safety. Whether we think it is best. Necessary. Or not.

I need, we need, that kind of care. Love. And attention.

Dear Father in Heaven, thank You for the way You love and care for us. Sometimes whether we think we need or not! We need Your comfort and care. And Your embrace in a warm environment. Hug us. Just for today.

 In Jesus' Name. Amen.