Today is Wednesday, January 12th, 2005; Karen's Korner #458

A couple more comments from Sheila Walsh, who is one of the gals who speaks for 'Women of Faith' conferences, from her book titled "Outrageous Love":
Where does that grace come from?
It could only come from God.
Betrayed and broken,
Heart and soul,
Words unspoken
Take their toll
Bitter sadness
Silent tears
Wounds we carry
Through the years
Who can lift this dreaded burden?
Who can set my spirit free?
Lamb of God
Whose legs were broken
Come Lord Jesus,
Carry me
It's an Outrageous Love
that a perfect God would give Himself for us
It's an Outrageous Life
that devotes itself wholly back to God's love
Go ahead.......
be outrageous!