Today is Tuesday, January 4th, 2022; Karen's Korner #4607

"The Lord says,
'I will make my people strong
with power from me! 
They will go wherever they wish,
and wherever they go,
they will be under my personal care."

~ Zechariah 10:12 LAB

Bible Commentary:  "God promises to strengthen his people and reveals that this strength comes from God. When we stay close to God, his Spirit enables us to do his will, despite the obstacles. When we stray from God, we are cut off from our power source."


Father God, thank You that You promise to strengthen us as Your people. Will you help us to remain close to You, we have a tendency to wander away, like people across the ages. You have the answers. We don't! Thank You that You never give up on us and that You love us and want to take care of us. In Jesus' Name. Amen.