Today is Monday, January 10th, 2022; Karen's Korner #4611

(FYI - I am going to be away from my computer and home; in and out the rest of the winter. This the final Karen's Korner until Tuesday, January 25!)

It is written by Anne Graham Lotz, as she tells about struggling at times with depressing thoughts. Billy Graham's daughter struggles at times with depressing thoughts? Oh, that's right she is a human being!


Life-Giving Power

"Your Word has given me life"

~ Psalm 119: 50 NKJV


"Sometimes when we are depressed, we feel lifeless. It's hard to get out of bed in the morning. We seem to have no energy to do even the most routine functions. If you are depressed by the greatness of your problems, read God's Word! That's where you find help. That's where you find joy. Let the rushing waters of the Living Word drown out all other sounds and voices. There is life-giving power in the Word of God!

"At the most difficult times in my life - the loss of a baby, the forced removal from a church, the execution of a friend, the robbery of our home - God's Word has sustained me. There have been times when I have only been capable of reading a few verses at a time, yet the supernatural life-giving power of the Word of God has not only helped me maintain my emotional and mental balance, it has given me strength to go on, even if only one day at a time."