Today is Monday, May 9th, 2022; Karen's Korner #4656

A dose of God's Love to begin the week.

Taken from "100 Things God Loves About You"; Simple Reminders for When You Need Them the Most. By Tama Fortner. Number 52.

God Loves Your Hands.

"The Lord your God will bless you in all your harvest and in all the work of your hands, and your joy will be complete."

~ Deuteronomy 16:15

"Holding, lifting, touching, serving. So many things your hands can do. For God, for others, and for you.

"Palms lifted up in praise. Fingers wet with wiped-away tears or sticky with the messes of children, of life, of service. The work of your hands may not always seem important to you or to a world too busy to take notice. But to the one you touch, to the one whose tears you wipe away, and to the One your hands really serve, there are few gifts more precious. God loves the work of your hands."