Today is Tuesday, September 13th, 2022; Karen's Korner #4742

For a second day in a row. From Stephanie Sample's "365 Days of Prayer for Women" - this one from September 11.


"You have also given me the shield of Your salvation;
your gentleness has made me great."

2 Samuel 22:36 NJKV

"Mighty God, filled with unstoppable power, your gentleness toward your children is amazing. With a breath you could annihilate us, yet you use your breath to carry words of love and the promise of healing. You never lose patience with us, giving us every opportunity to right our wrongs and come to you. Thank you, Lord, for being so tender with me. The hands that built the earth and could tear it down just as easily are the same hands that hold me when I am afraid or sad or hurting. The voice that spoke a universe into being is the same voice that whispers in my ear, I love you, my darling child. I am with you, always."

"Isn't it awesome that your mighty God whispers in your ear that he loves you?"