Today is Thursday, September 22nd, 2022; Karen's Korner #4749

The Bible book of 1 Timothy, which is toward the end of the New Testament, is written by Paul with a message to Timothy who was a young church leader. It's also instruction for all believers everywhere. It is written to encourage and instruct.

The six chapters include such topics as:  warnings to false teachers; instruction for the church; standards for church leaders; and caring for different groups within the church.

Here is a verse tucked in to chapter 6; verse 17:

"Tell those who are rich
not to be proud 
and not to trust in their money,
which will soon be gone,
but their pride and trust
should be in the living God
who always richly gives us
all we need for our enjoyment."

Plus the commentary on this verse:

"Ephesus was a wealthy city and the Ephesian church probably had many wealthy members. Paul advised Timothy to deal with that potential problem by teaching that the possession of riches carries great responsibility. Those who have money must be generous, not arrogant because they have a lot to give. They must be careful not to put their trust in money instead of the living God for their security. Even if we don't have material wealth, we can be rich in good works toward others. No matter how poor we are, we have something to share with others."