Today is Monday, December 5th, 2022; Karen's Korner #4801

On Saturday, a team from our church and community traveled to Mason City to ring bells for Salvation Army. Something we have done for a number of years. There were eighteen of us.

First we eat together at a fast-food restaurant before we divide into teams of 2 - 4 people each. We ring for two hours at six doors. Each team divides again with one or two people ringing together for 30 minutes. Taking a break to shop a few minutes, grab a cup of coffee, or get warmed up (it was a pretty nice day this year!). 

Each team works a total of one hour. Last year Salvation Army organizers let us know that our six doors produced just a bit over $1,700!

No one works too hard or for very long. Some, not all, put a bit of money into their bucket. We hope to make over $1,000 again this year.

As I began to read the book of Titus, I am greeted by these words, "A Good Life.. The good news of salvation is that we can't be saved by living a good life; we are saved only by faith in Jesus Christ. But the gospel transforms people's lives, so that they eventually perform good works. Our service won't save us, but we are save to serve.

"A good life is a witness to the gospel's power. As Christians, we must have commitment and discipline to serve. Are we putting our faith in action by serving others?"

Dear God, thank You to You for friends who wanted to serve You and others this way this weekend.
It may not have been a big time commitment,
but everything works together for good.
And our efforts made a difference in
some people's lives.
Bless them and bless us.

In Jesus Name,