Today is Wednesday, January 25th, 2023; Karen's Korner #4838

On Wednesday mornings, I attend an ecumenical Bible study. Usually we are given a Bible verse or two which we are to look at before each gathering.

Not for today. We were told to bring with us any verse or verses we like from the book of Proverbs. Lots of morsels in there.

I will keep you posted if there is one or some I like from today's discussion.

Here is a good one:

"Despise God's Word  
and find yourself in trouble.
Obey it

~ Proverbs 13:13 LAB

Bible Commentary:  "God created us, knows us, and loves us. It only makes sense, then to listen to his instructions and do what he says. The Bible is his unfailing word to us. It is like an owner's manual to a car. If we obey God's instructions, we will 'run right' and find his kind of success. If we ignore them, we are doomed to breakdowns, accidents, and failure."