Today is Thursday, February 8th, 2024; Karen's Korner #5054

A couple of Bible verses for the day. I mark in the margins of my Bible when I use them for a Karen's Korner. I must like these as I sent them in 2013 and again in 2019.

Here you go:

"What a glorious Lord!
He who daily bears our burends
also gives us our salvation.
He frees us!
He rescues us from death.
But He will crush His enemies,
for they refuse
to leave their guilty, stubborn ways."

~ Psalm 68:19 - 21 LAB

Bible Commentary:  "Each day, we must deal with our share of earthly burdens. As we face these burdens, the Lord is there to help us bear them. Each morning, praise God for the strength He will send us today. It is a sure as the sunrise."