Today is Friday, February 9th, 2024; Karen's Korner #5055


Help me to be more like my dog, Rocky.
I let him go outside first thing in the morning
to run free and do 'his business'.

In a few minutes, he scratches
on my kitchen door
wanting to come back in.
I looked out my kitchen window.
He sits there patiently,
because he knows I will let him in in a couple of minutes.

He knows me.
He knows what I have done in the past.
Once again I will let him back in.

When I pray and ask You for something,
help me to sit and wait patiently.
Because I know what You have done for me
in the past.
And today will be no different.

Forgive my impatience
and my lack of faith in
You and for what I ask.

You make my smile!

In Jesus' Name.