Today is Tuesday, February 13th, 2024; Karen's Korner #5057

Today is 'Fat Tuesday' or 'Mardi Gras'.

Mardi Gras is a Christian holiday and popular cultural phenomenon that dates back thousands of years to pagan spring and fertility rites. It became incorporated into a Christian celebration. it’s celebrated in many countries around the world—mainly those with large Roman Catholic populations—on the day before the religious season of Lent begins. 

Most of us know that New Orleans celebrates, not only the day but a number of days before the actual event.

A number of years our family traveled to New Orleans where husband, Jim's cousin lived. She sent us home with a box of Mardi Gras beads and decor with the words, "You need to have a Mardi Gras party!"

Then became our family tradition of cooking a four-course meal on 'the day', beginning in 1990. We have hosted 35 Mardi Gras meals over the years, when we would invite ten people to eat with us. Once guests came, they would not be invited a second time. Do the math; we have hosted lots of people!

Because of the busyness of this week with Valentine's Day etc., I decided not to do it this year! Maybe I am done. Who knows??

At any rate, today is a good day to celebrate Mardi Gras. Our way. Any way. As we come to the Lenten season and Valentine's Day tomorrow!

God, let us remember
You and Your Love
And every day!