Today is Wednesday, February 14th, 2024; Karen's Korner #5058

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Ash Wednesday! As we begin the Lenten season!

Whether we get Valentine's Day cards, greetings, gifts, or not, God sends His greetings today and every day!

I John chapters 3 and 4 tend to ooze with His Love for us:

"See how very much our Heavenly Father
loves us,
for He allows us to be call His Children---
think about it---
and we really are!

Chapter 3:1

"Dearly loved friends,

Chapter 4:1

"Dear friends,
let us practice loving each other,"

 Chapter 4:7

" It is not our love for God,
but His Love for us
when He sent His Son
to  satisfy God's
anger against our sins."

Chapter 4:10

"Dear friends,
since God loves us as much as that,
we  surely ought to love each other too."

Chapter 4:11