Today is Tuesday, April 5th, 2005; Karen's Korner #517

I have a perpetual flip calendar on my dresser in our bedroom with daily thoughts written by Mother Teresa. Don't look at the items everyday; in fact I hadn't look at it for quite awhile.
I don't know if it has to do with the death of Pope John Paul II or what, but I brought the calendar downstairs and began to read the thoughts more like a book.
Few people have impacted our last century like Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa!
I am sharing four of her short thoughts. I hope that at least one impacts each of our thinking for the day:
*  "I don't think there is anyone who needs God's help and grace as much as I do. Sometimes I feel so helpless and weak. I think that is why God uses me. Because I cannot depend on my own strength, I rely on him twenty-four hours a day."
* "God still loves the world. He continues loving without fail. God so loved the world that He gave His only Son. God still loves the world and today He continues to give Jesus to the world through you and me."
* "Let's focus more on the things we ought to do in serving our husband, our wife, our children, our brothers--rather than on their shortcomings."
* "The poor are great people worthy of love. Do you know the poor who live next door to you? Poverty is not only to be hungry for something to eat, to lack clothing, or not to have a home. Poverty is even greater when it is a poverty of the heart."