Today is Saturday, June 4th, 2005; Karen's Korner #560

We just got home from driving our "old cars" around southeastern Iowa for a few days. My good plans were to email Karen's Korner from our motel, but somehow  whatever I emailed was lost, so Jamie sent one yesterday and this one is a "Saturday edition"!
    "Slowly they walk, scattering the leaves and trampling the grass under measured and heavy steps. The minister's words still echoing in their minds, they hear workmen moving toward the terrible place, preparing to cover the casket of their loved one. Death, the enemy, has torn the bonded relationships of family and friends, leaving only memories and tears.
    "But like a golden shaft of sun piercing the winter sky, a singular truth shatters the oppressive gloom--death is not the end! Christ is the victor over death and there is hope of the resurrection through Him."
        -- author unknown
    A week ago today, the most recent past manager of our local elevator cooperative past away while attending a family reunion. He had the position in Clarion for nearly 20 years and was 54 years old:  old if you are a teen; young from my vantage point.
    The funeral brochure has a silhouetted profile of Al as he enjoys the sun on the horizon, over a vast expanse of water.
    I liked the photo of the brighted-eyed, half smiling friend, as he enjoyed his view.
    Was the sun rising? Or was it setting?
    I can't tell by the photo.
    Did Al know that he was close to the sunset of his life when the photo was taken?
    Or as a Christian, was Al viewing the sunrise of his pending future, which will have no end?
    I had never given a thought to the fact:
    While we are enjoying a sunset, someone some place else is enjoying the sunrise!! But we are both enjoying the same sun!!!