Today is Monday, June 13th, 2005; Karen's Korner #566

Yesterday at our early worship service of about three dozen people, Mariel limped in a bit late, using a walker. It is the first time she has been at church after a few weeks in the hospital and recovering at home. She had suffered a bad broken femur (upper leg bone) and is just getting back to 'normal'. One gal suggested during our "thankful time" we give Mariel a standing ovation.
We did, because we were so happy to see Mariel back in our midst, as we worshipped God together!
The incident warmed my heart, as I thought of all of us various ways we come to church, limping after life has battered and bruised us. Most of us don't require the walker, but we have injuries just the same! We come because we know where the Power is. Where the Healer is. Where our Family is. What Love looks and feels like.
I had thought about asking Mariel, a known cook in our midst, to make communion bread for our summer lake worship services. I mentioned that fact in our Sunday School group. "I know Mariel can't," I said, thinking out loud before asking someone else.
"We can do it!" Mariel said, referring to her husband, daughter and son-in-law (who live in a small neighboring town).
"Are you sure?" I responded. They nodded their agreement to help.
God works through all of us to make a difference in our collective worlds. Sometimes we work best after life has dealt us a recent blow. Like to Mariel and her family!