Today is Thursday, June 23rd, 2005; Karen's Korner #574

I got a email press release about evangelist Billy Graham, telling of a revival that he will being leading in New York City, beginning tonight through Saturday, June 26. It may be his last in the United States, as his advancing age and deteriorating health hampers his ability of carrying out his lifelong mission of sharing Jesus with the world.
Son, Franklin, will stand by to take over preaching if the need arises, but Billy fully expects to complete all three rallies without even sitting down. "When I stand up and touch the podium," he said, "the Holy Spirit comes, I believe, in power to help me. If it weren't for that, I would not have attempted to do these three nights. I am just totally dependent on the Lord and the prayers of thousands of people."
Billy has advancing stages of Parkinson's disease and is moving through his 80s.
Christian leaders in London have asked him to speak there in the late fall, and Billy says there is a chance that he will consider the trip.
While Graham has traveled the world over the past six decades preaching God's good news to more than 210 million people in 184 countries and writing vast numbers of articles and books, I must admit that I have read only a handful of his articles and stories. And have watched only bits and pieces of televised revivals over the years.
But that doesn't stop me from admiring the person! I think that is when I have enjoyed him the most. When I see what kind of man he is when being interviewed by the media. His answers are always rich with thought and you know that he lives what he talks about.
One time I heard him being interviewed on Larry King Live. King asked Billy about homosexuality, knowing Billy's conservative, Bible-based beliefs, "What would you do if your son informed you that he was gay?" Would you continue to love him?"
"I would have to love that child even more," Graham replied.
Besides declining health, he has had the turmoil that "normal" people experience. I read a book written by one of his daughters (he is the father of five children, one son and four girls) who tells of her two divorces, her daughter (Billy's granddaughter) who had a child out of wedlock as a young teen which was given up for adoption and had a second child a few years later which she kept to raise as a single parent.
And Billy has been there, "to love that child even more".........
Sort of like God does for us!