Today is Wednesday, February 1st, 2006; Karen's Korner #728

We are back from several weeks as part of an agricultural tour of four Hawaiin Islands. What a trip! I will share severl things with you in the next few weeks!
Dear Father in Heaven,
Thank you for allowing me to see the sights and sounds of other areas of our world. Thank you for the sunrise which I was allowed to witness the last morning on the island Kauai. Not wanting to miss the majesty of your hand, I began to walk around the hotel grounds while it was still dark and I could see the light begin to unfold below the oceanfront horizon.
As I walked, more people began milling around waiting for the grand view. And the production grew brighter. Eventually, some of us became impatient. How long was it going to take before the sun actually poked its face up so we could see it? We began to talk among ourselves, as we recalled our trip of the last few days.
I spent a solemn few minutes as I reflected on how many things I want You to do for me and with me. Not necessarily in Your time; instead in mine. But here You are, always on time! Always predictable, we can set our watches by Your faithfulness!!
At 7:09 a.m., the sun and its brilliance and glory, came up and blessed all of us! And our day! Like You always do!!
Thank You for your blessings and Your faithfulness to each one of us.