Today is Thursday, February 2nd, 2006; Karen's Korner #729

I don't know if you recall or not, but shortly before Jim and I vacationed for a couple of weeks, I wrote about God's care of us when Jim had bypass surgery in 1976 (See under Archives, January 2006; Karen's Korner #715.)
Some Karen's Korners encourage readers to respond with their life experiences.
The writing below is from Donna Dunlap:
Lloyd had triple by-pass surgery in 1975 at the age of 44; and like you, we wondered many things.  His surgery was done at the V.A. Hospital in the Twin Cities; the surgeon was from the University of Minnesota.    I was fortunate to find a room in a home just a few blocks from the hospital, in which to stay. 
The night before Lloyd's surgery, I was reading from Psalms.  Psalm 4:8 is the one that brought such comfort to my heart.  "I will both lay me down in peace and sleep, for You, LORD, only make me dwell in safety."    
An even bigger joy came the next morning, when I walked over to the hospital to see Lloyd before he was taken to surgery.  A doctor who came to the room told me that they had even had to wake Lloyd up that morning; which he said was SO unusual; as usually people are so tense and worried that they are anxiously awake.    How good the LORD was and is!!    I remember how we had talked a lot about the surgery in the days prior to it; and Lloyd had said he really wasn't worried, because either way, he'd be a winner - either his health would be improved or he'd be home with the LORD.
That surgery lasted him 25 years; he had quadruple by-pass done in Sioux Falls in June of 2000.  
Now the health problems are Parkinson's and what is believed to be the beginning of Alzheimers; but we still are trusting the LORD for each day and are grateful for the medical help from medications and the wisdom He gives to doctors.  I pray for continued health for me, that I can be the caregiver I need and want to be.