Today is Tuesday, April 4th, 2006; Karen's Korner #772

As a computer whiz, you have probably gotten this hot email in the past few days:
On Wednesday of this week, at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00 in the morning, the time and date will be 01:02:03 04/05/06.
Yesterday I was working to send my daily "Karen's Korner". Most of them are sent through my web site, designed by our son-in-law: . If you ever go the site, on the left side at the bottom, you will see the words "I'm Karen". I can add and subtract lots of information by pressing that icon and entering my password.
That is how I send each daily writing. Until yesterday. I pressed the key, entered my password. Nothing happened. It asked for my password again. And again. And again. I typed. And retyped. Carefully. Maybe I was spelling my "word" wrong. Nothing.
I would have wondered and worried. I have no idea how to "fix it". But I know the designer of the site. All I would have to do is call Tim and ask him to work on it. Before I made the call, I tried one more thing. Turned off the computer and started it again. This time it worked!
After my little task, I got started thinking about God. He is the designer and creator of the universe; down to the creator of each of our lives. He knows how everything "works". So if we can't get things to "work" like we think they are supposed to work; if our lives don't "run" like they should, we need to get in contact with the Designer and Creator and He will make things "work" or "run" like He intended!
Thought for the day:  "No need to worry, God can fix it! He specializes in fixing broken things!" 
Psalms 23:1: "Because the Lord is my Shepherd, I have everything I need!"