Today is Monday, April 17th, 2006; Karen's Korner #781

 One day after Easter. So now what?
We have a cross that sits on our kitchen table during the Easter season. It has two, about one inch sticks, latched together by a leather shoestring. It stands about two feet tall, secured at the base into a piece of weathered wood. Around the base are a handful of varying sized stones and a stem with some long thorns on it. Looks pretty good; makes a statement about the season we have just celebrated.
A couple of days ago I noticed a small set of salt and pepper shakers near the "display". My first thought was to move them. "They don't belong there," was my thinking.
Then I thought, "Hmm, at the foot of the cross, where everything and everyone belongs. Our toys. Our treasures. Our triumphs. Our tragedies. Our tears. Our talents. Our thoughts. Our temptations. Our tests. Our time. And, yes, my discount store salt and pepper shaker set."
"Father God, just because Easter season is over and I will probably put away my cross in a day or two, help me to not move away from the cross. Help me to remain at Your Feet with everything..........all the time. In the Name of Your Son who paid a pretty high price to set us all free. Amen."