Today is Monday, April 24th, 2006; Karen's Korner #786

When people forward me things and I use them for Karen's Korner, I generally like to thank the person who did that. But this one, I can't recall where it came from. Like many forwards now, it came complete with backgrounds and background music, but that doesn't work for this format. Picture all of that in your mind:
The Beacon on the Hill
A Lighthouse Unto Thy Feet
Jesus is a Lighthouse
A Tower in the dark
The one who holds the lantern
A great enduring Spark.
Like a flame that burns eternal
He's a Torch, forever true
The One who holds the answers
When I don't know what to do.
He's the One who holds the candle
Over angry waves so steep
He's the lifeline that doth save me
In a raging sea, so deep.
He's a strong and steady Pilot
An answer to my plea
The One who throws the anchor
When I'm drifting out to sea.
He's a brightly shining Beacon
Always steady like a rock
A Fortress when I'm weary
A Harbor on life's dock.
Jesus is a Lighthouse
In Him, I will abide
A hand when I am weary
A never ending Tide.
~ Marilyn Ferguson