Today is Wednesday, January 31st, 2007; Karen's Korner #988

Our church had its annual meeting last Sunday. Among other things, our Pastor Tim Platt listed some information which he had received at a national missionary convention some time last fall.
The listing was "Nine Challenges Facing Churches Today":
* generational differences
* hostility toward Christianity
* trend toward postmodernism
* short attention spans
* sophisticated technology
* time pressure
* trends toward email and cheap travel
* job instability
* trends in churches - congregations which are dying, last year 3500 closed and 1100 opened
But here was the most telling statistic, I thought: "No county in the United States had church growth from conversions last year."
Are we truly in the business as Christians of saving lives for the coming kingdom of heaven, or we simply moving the life boats from one side of the ship to the other?